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Please use this information for historical reference only!

CJAA provided support to the JAA Member States in the field of maintenance and certification.  The actual rulemaking of the maintenance and certification standards was performed by the Agency (EASA).  These standards are directly applicable to the JAA EU Member States.  By means of transposing the EASA standards (Implementing Rules [Parts], Certification Specifications [CS) and Acceptable Means of Compliance [AMC] and Guidance Material [GM]) into Joint Aviation Requirements (JARs), these JARs are recommended for implementation to the JAA non-EU States.

For any queries related to Airworthiness, you are kindly requested to contact EASA.

For standards and procedures related to maintenance issues such as JAR-145, JAR-66, JAR-147 etc., see Maintenance.

For standards and procedures related to certification issues such as JAR-21, POA, DOA, JTSO, STC, JAR-25 etc., see Certification.

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